Ding again, at 42

I hit 42 on Saturday and got my mining up to 183 this morning. I had to look it up to see that I have to hit 200 mining to train up to Artisan. I also was able to mine my first 2 mithril deposits!! Woot! My highest previous attempt at mining took me all the way to tin. I never really got into it, but ores are much more lucritive on Burning Legion.

That is one of the most notable things I have found on this server, at least horde side. At any given time, there are almost no weapons, ores, or cloth. Just try to find wool while you are leveling a tailor. They go for about 2g a stack when there are only 5 to be found. My skinning is up around 275, so I’ll be hitting 300 soon. [Read more…]