Ding 21; Very Hectic Week

It was a very crazy weekend after my wife’s alternator gave out again. Combine that with the garage sale, shopping for her new work clothes, getting some R&R at the pool, and stuff, that made for a very busy weekend.

In-game, I got Paladr to 18 before we went into The Deadmines and rocked that joint. Naturally, the Deathroom that was the goblin engineering room got us a time or two, but it was smooth sailing after that. Of course, dinging 19 helped a tad. I got upgrades of nearly every piece of armor, plus a sword.

I hit 21 this morning and Paladr is on his way to Sunrock Retreat. He got Dar’Khan before leaving Ghostlands Sunday morning, putting him at Exalted with Tranquillien. I love getting a nice blue weapon in the starting area. 🙂 Not to mention the Exalted cloak.

Paladr is no longer going for a record pace after taking forever to do DM, but he is still scooting along at a far better than average gallop. His level 20 was 15h 25m. I’m going to enjoy playing a pally, and will still follow the guide’s track on quests, but experience all of the Paladin stuff, such as forging the weapon for the level 20 questline reward.

I have a ton of screenshots from the weekend, but a very hectic week coming up. I just got into the office, so we’ll see if nothing is happening. If we’re dead today, I’ll put them up and write more posts. If not, I’m sorry, but work is work.

Deadr Goes Questing

Deadr finally got his way up to Friendly with Lower City last night, after completing about 6 more quests in the Bone Wastes. I got half of the Torgos! quest done, and went to find that evil bird, only to find out that he is a 65 Elite. I’m definitely going to need some help with him. My quest log is slowly filling up with Elite quests that I either need to complete or dump. I feel like a chump asking guildies for help because they are all 70s in Karazan already, so I’ll probably us the LFG feature as I rep grind for Marks for Aldor rep.

I blew about 500g on Enchanting and Tailoring since last Monday. I’m actually improving my gear by doing so, making the expense a little more tolerable. My cloak has +120 armor now and my gloves, chest, and bracers all have nice damage or mana enchants.

Deadr is up to around 50% of the way through the level with nearly full rest still. I’ll continue questing in Terokkar and Zangarmarsh to finish out the level, although the only nice things about hitting 65 will be to put on a new piece of Netherweave and use another talent point.

Ding 21; Exalted with Tranquillien

It was a fine time doing stuff all by my lonesome doing questing and following Joana’s Horde Leveling Guide pretty closely. There are a couple of times that I’ve done a quest that I didn’t need to, or gone to a trainer when he didn’t say, but then again, I can teleport. When you aren’t playing straight through, too, you can use hearth more often to fly to a city and then hearth back when he says in the guide.

Kelthias asked me in guild chat last night how I like the guide. I LOVE it! I have all of the maps I need, all the paths to take, all the areas to find kill quest mobs, videos for help, and it’s all in an organized manner to eliminate backtracking.

/played:  18h 28m @ level 21.

Ding 19; 2 Elite Ghostlands Quests Left

I am at 72% of level 19 and have 20,100/21,000 reputation for Tranquillien. Mindkiller joined me for some double-mage fighting in Deatholme. I’m tired. I’m happy. Did I mention that I’m tired?

I really don’t have much to say now, except that I was considering pulling an all-nighter, but I should do the smart thing for the bod and get some sleep before my brain cells shut themselves down sometime around 10:00 in the morning, never to come back online again.

I can’t wait to hit 20 and want to see what those spells are, as I’m saving it as a surprise for myself when I get to the trainer.

Ding 17; Revered with Tranquillien

I hit Revered in level 16 and kept going about my business. I got some help from Jikksta to complete the Knucklerot quest. I only have the troll quests and the Deatholme quests left to go, and then it’s on to The Barrens.

I may have to grind a level at some point to get some extra spell damage since I get a good number of resists at times, depending on the level of the mobs that Joana’s guide calls out. Still, I hit 17 in under 11 hours of /played time.

I didn’t get to play all that long this weekend, but all things considered, another 2 levels is fine by me.