Ding 15; Halfway done with Ghostlands

I have completed half of the quest steps for Ghostlands and attained Honored with Tranquillien.

Current /played times are:

Level 14: 7h 9m

Level 15: 8h 32m

Looks like I had some problems with level 14, and you’re right. I think I died 10-12 times doing quests while underpowered as a clothie. I was probably pushing it a bit and not being as careful as I should have been, though, as I’m used to being uber. ­čÖé

We are going to MacDill Airfest today, so no playing until tonight. I’ll take lots of pictures and put them up in the photo gallery.

Ding 64; Honored With Cenarian Expedition

Last night I finally found those Glowcaps and the┬áDiscarded Nutriment┬áthat I was looking for around Zangarmarsh. The glowcaps actually are everywhere, though I don’t know if you can pick them before attaining the quest without being an herbalist.

After those quests, soloing Boglash, and getting the “Count’s” mandible, I was at 99.9% xp, so I went and killed a Marsh Walker. [Read more…]

Deadr Finds Sporeggars Friendly

I met quite a few nice sporeggars last night in Zangarmarsh. They look funny, but they give lots of rep for killing things and they have several repeatable quests. I find it odd that they don’t take my gold. They want these silly little things called Glowcap Mushrooms instead. I killed dozens of their marsh tormentors and found lots of Mature Spore Sacs to make them like me, and then the little buggers wanted mushrooms! How rude.

/RP over (I suck at it)

Basically, I was killing everything in sight in that area of Zangarmarsh, even the non-aggressive Spore Bats to get Fertile Spores. I really like that you can have 3 repeatable turn-ins for rep. I’ve never, ever, ever just stayed in an area and killed stuff to gain rep before. I really want a few of the things that they offer, there aren’t any Alliance around, and I’m getting 1,300xp per kill in the process. Here is a look at Deadr’s current rep list for Outland:

[Read more…]

Slowly Gaining Aldor Reputation with Marks of Kil’jaeden

I ventured out into the Bone Wastes this morning with 3 things on my mind: Marks of Kiljaeden, Netherweave Cloth, and killing 20 Bonelashers.

I needed to get 10 Marks of Kil’jaeden over to Adyen the Lightwarden in Shattrath City for finishing the first quest in that repeatable faction rep questline. I read somewhere that I need to turn in 22 stacks of 10 for 5500 rep with Aldor. This will take a while.

I ended up with 10 Marks of Kil’jaeden, 10 Netherweave Cloth, 7 Bonelashers, and the Cabal Report to turn in at the caravan.

I was getting pretty good drop rate from just about every Cabal Skirmisher, but I don’t recall any Cabal Anjurist dropping them. I only saw 2 Cabal Tomb-Raider dudes, so it’s a bit too early for me to tell if they do…without checking Thottbot, which I won’t. ­čÖé

Exalted With Tranquillien

I turned in one more quest this morning to get Exalted and still had one more quest to turn in for Deathholme. I got that one done and still need to slay Kel’Gash the troll. So it is possible to reach Exalted without finishing all of the quests in the zone.

I also saw the funniest name I have seen in ages last night before logging for bed. It was an undead rogue named Tpyo, and that’s no typo…