Weekend update

Try, try as I might, I could not hit 40 this weekend. I got sucked into PuG after PuG that stunk, one worse than the one before. To hit the bright spots, here is the honor roll of help this weekend:
Filetofish, our GM (sry, no screenshot), Paumen, and Lunu donated lvl 40+ items in hopes of a Saturday celebration.

Fish helped me with 6 red quests in a little over an hour in STV that gave over 12000XP! What a leader, that Fish. Paumen had just woken up and helped me get my whirlwind weapon with the Cyclonian collection and beating the Cyclonian elite. He is l337 as well.

I ended up in a PuG with the guy that called me a fag a month ago in Wetlands. (If I didn’t tell the story, please make a request and I’ll put it up for a great story time post.) After about 5 minutes, he up and hearthed out without a word. What a bum! I believe his name is Wiggliepkes, a dwarf.

Friday night was wrapping up with 85G in the bank. I was quite satisfied with the last week’s farming leather for money. I decided it was time to get a kick-butt weapon to help with grinding. I got a [Speedsteel Rapier], a one-hand sword with a 1.8 speed and a 28.1 dps. Great! I’ll kick butt now. I equipped it, and my dps rating in my character window DROPPED!! What the heck!? Anyway, I do generate rage faster. It’s my MH, and I use the [Tigerbane] dagger with its beast attribute for my STV grinding. It is better, but not what I payed for it. I’m ashamed since I’m not entirely happy with it. I really like the spinning white ball effect, especially on a gryph.
I ended up making over 24G today by selling stacks of leather and the goodies from disenchanting. I have a great method down now, and getting a mount shouldn’t be a problem, but we’ll see if I can earn that much in a level and a half. I may need to take a couple of my guildies’ offers on moolah because of all the training involved, plus getting some good plate armor right off the bat.

That’s all for tonight. Good night.