Flash Vulnerability for World of Warcraft

Breaking Flash vulnerability newsBlizzard is announcing via WorldofWarcraft.com site and the in-game login screen that there is a security vulnerability in some versions of Flash that affects WoW users. The upgrade was pretty quick and easy, so if you have administrator permissions, go ahead and get this taken care of before you join the thousands of hacked accounts. Here is the official word from Blizz:

A recent vulnerability has been discovered in popular web-content delivery program Adobe Flash, and it could potentially be used to target World of Warcraft players and accounts. The newest available version of Adobe Flash, version, does not contain this vulnerability, and we recommend that everyone upgrade their Flash player as soon as possible by visiting the Adobe.com download page at the link below.


In addition, to avoid exploitation of this vulnerability, we have temporarily disabled the ability to post hyperlinks in our forums. Any links will need to be copied and pasted into a browser. We’ll continue to evaluate any potential security threats and take any steps necessary to ensure a safe and fun environment.

For more information on this issue, you can read the announcements from the Adobe security team concerning the threat at the links below.


Go upgrade and play safe.

Patches Are Creating Stupid-Easy Mode

Blizzard is making the game too easy. Sure, I see why they are doing it: there are fewer and fewer people playing in the Old World to make it easy to group up and complete Elite quests. Now that you know I know why, I’m going to complain about it anyway to make a broader point.

Remember those Elite kill quests in Winterspring? The bear, Ursius; Chimera, Brumeran; and that ever-so-hard cat, Shy-Rotam? Man, those were benchmarks of greatness! If you could take those on as like-level or below, you were the bomb!
Killed Ursius solo

Those benchmarks are no longer cool, because Patch 2.3 removed the l33tness from them. Ursius is just a big bear, and he’s not the only mob that’s been neutered. I’ve noticed things being easier than before and it just wasn’t clicking that they are no longer Elite.

So what the heck are we supposed to do for benchmarking our abilities? I can kill things 4-5 levels higher than me right now, but how would I stack up against the great Ursius?

I’ll never know.

What former Elite mobs are leaving you with a big let-down when you go after them?

Starting Over at 60 (or 58)

Does anyone else have the feeling that anything other then questing is a waste of time between the levels 50 to 60?

Prior to BC coming out, BlackrockDepths was one of my favorite instances. The drops were awesome and the battles challenging. I didn’t raid much prior to BC, actually only a few trips into UBRS, but I did get some decent gear. My point in all of this is: “why doesn’t Blizzard do something to make these instances worth going to again?” What’s the point of defeating Emperor Dagran Thaurissan when the first green you get in Outlands will replace it? The same goes for any of the bosses in UBRS which you need a ten-man raid to even do. I know on my server it is impossible to find a raid going to any of the old raid instances (I did go to AQ 20 with 14 70s one time but that was a looong time ago and everyone I went with was either bored or had never been like me and wanted to see it).

In my opinion, Blizzard spent a lot of money back in the day to make these level 60 raid dungeons such great places to go so why not upgrade the loot so that an epic from Ragnaros does more then the first blue you get in Hellfire Ramparts? I just know from my own experience that it took a lot of joy out of running BRD 10 times to get the Foreman’s Head Protector from Fineous when the very first green in Outlands that dropped for me had better stats. BRD may be a bad example since the XP is decent although I know I can level faster just completeing the quest solo but what about the raids???

Is it only me, or would other people enjoy going back and doing these instances or if you’re like me… seeing them for the first time? Do you think Blizzard should upgrade the loot prior to outlands to make it more compatible with the loot you get there? Should a lvl 58 blue really be put to shame by a lvl 58 green just because one came from Outlands and the other from UBRS or Scholo? Just wanted to get everyone else’s opinions.

Introducing BlizzCast – The Blizzard Podcast

BlizzCast playerBlizzard has joined the rest of the community with their very own podcast today! The first episode features Samwise Didier, their Art Director and concept artist. They discuss what he loves about Warcraft and Starcraft. It’s a great listen and I look forward to many more episodes. Down with WoWpodcast, long live BlizzCast.

Check out the transcript if you are on a lame connection or download the 24MB mp3 file.

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Broken Game Dynamic: Mobs Don’t Suffer Spell Interrupts

We’ve all been there: you are taking a beating from [insert number and name of mob(s) of choice] and you just need to get one more spell off. It might be a healing spell or that finishing fireball. Doesn’t matter, because it’s not going to happen because of that frustrating game dynamic – spell interrupt. The rest of this read comes down to this: I don’t see a player-to-mob spell interrupt in combat from melee or ranged or spell damage alone. When I get hit, my spell casting is interrupted, but I don’t see that happening to the stuff I whack, shoot, or burn/freeze, do you? Maybe it’s there, but all I see is a casting bar running along at a pretty nice, steady clip with full fury blazing on Gitr, Rapid Fire on Huntr, and more.

I’ve played nearly every class in the game, and the only classes that I didn’t experience a problem with interrupt were my warrior and mere level 24 rogue. Certain classes have talents and trainable skills that allow you to avoid interruption, at least for a certain amount of time, sometimes with a severe cooldown. A 5-30 minute stun ability doesn’t do crap for leveling, now does it?

Why is it that no matter what you’re going up against, outside of PvP, it is not deterred by dozens of slashes with daggers, 50% health-sapping spells, or a steady spell like Mind Flay? It is an unfair advantage that mobs have. Can you imagine how heroic you would be if you could take on 8 mobs at once and then heal yourself as a druid or paladin? What about those times you need to Scare Beast when your pet loses aggro and is about to go down? Heaven forbid you just put up a bubble as a priest and got whacked by something that cleared its entire absorption limit. Good night, fair priest.

Pile o'ShamanIt was just yesterday that I came across a perfect time when it would have been nice to have a tit-for-tat interruption. Paladr, my level 47 tankadin was in Feralas going after the 10 Gordunni Shaman when he purposefully aggroed 2 of them and accidentally invited 2 more. What do we have here? Four like-level mobs with 1/2 melee, 1/2 spell damage, healing abilities, and mana equal to me… per mob. Great! Now I have to beat my way through over 8k HP and 8k mana with only a 2k mana pool.

Every time I wanted to stop one of them from healing, I’d use up my 1 minute stun ability because I had to keep Seal of Light up for self-healing. I could leave Seal of Justice up to stun them periodically if it was possible to heal myself – oh yeah – I get interrupted, even with Aura of Concentration up. None of them were dissuaded from casting a heal on each other or themselves despite standing on Consecrated ground and hitting them with an epic mace. Even with Aura of Retribution up they will still cast their spell in 2 seconds flat.

At the least, casters should be able to interrupt mobs with spells to make it a strategy game to use faster spells to interrupt them, no differently than you do in PvP.

That takes us all the way to contemplating why PvE isn’t treated the same as PvP in this game dynamic. I understand not having player collision, but this difference doesn’t make any sense to this gamer. I also get that this would dramatically change the nature of leveling, especially grinding. There are mobs that get ignored more than others because of the certain spells they cast, and others that get targeted, and I daresay over-camped, because of a lack of spells to fight through, especially heals and stuns. Oh, the dreaded mana drain… don’t get me started on that…

What do you say? Is there server-side interruption on mobs and I’m just not seeing it? I don’t see any downsides to having it be a fair exchange of weakness to place that dynamic on NPC casters.