DPS Holy Priest Build Is Amazing

I found an article that really has my interest because of my newfound obsession with talent builds. Talent builds used to bore the crap out of me when I was a warrior. I didn’t want to go Protection because I wasn’t interested in competing with our GM for main tank duty. His gear was better and I wasn’t going to catch up any time soon. If it had STR, STA, or AGI, I wanted the piece. If the talent point said “damage” or “crit,” I wanted to spend the point.

Now that I am a priest, it seems like there are a lot more options, and even one that I had never considered before reading this article on a DPS Holy build. WoW Insider has been rocking my world recently with new in-game concepts that I was unaware of, despite my constant surfing. Maybe I should play more and surf less, but I do have a job. 🙂

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