Guest Posts Available

doormat.jpgIt seems to be that time of year, folks. Gitr’s busier than he cares to EVER be, and it’s affecting his blogging, and your time-wasting at work. Cue the QQ on that second one, big time. My employer, for some reason that is beyond me, wasn’t fond of me writing posts outside of lunch hour, no matter how much waiting on other people I was doing.

Anyone who knows anything about blogging about content like this knows that quality content doesn’t often come in an hour. I just can’t bring myself to put out crap for all you fine readers. You deserve better than that. Nothing irks me more than 1-4 posts per day and no one commenting because the article sucks.

I’ll tell you what I do have time for, though:

Guest Posts with Passion

Based on the number of subscribers we’ve got going here in this community, there are more than enough blogs represented. Some of you are new to blogging and would like some link love. Here is your chance! Every guest post that passes muster will get a plug at the bottom about the author and a link back to their blog. We’re all in this together.

The rules are simple:

  • Make it real – show your passion about the topic. I really don’t care what it’s about, as long as it’s WoW-related. BGs, gameplay, Blizzard sucks, WoW news, screenshots. If it’s good, it’s good. 
  • Provide me with a 90×90 avatar for your profile and a short bio to go at the bottom. See the other authors’ bios for good examples of what to do.
  • I reserve the right to edit for grammar, spelling, and offensive content. Other than that, it’s all you. I’m a copyeditor by day, so if you want some polishing, let me know.
  • You must send your request to with the subject line: “Guest Post.” I am setting up a filter to forward those messages to notify me. You wouldn’t believe the stuff spam blockers don’t get on that address.