Grinding and Milestones Along the Way

Felguard - level 50 demon petSo I finally dinged 50 the other day and being a demon spec Warlock was able to, with the ease of placing a single talent point, acquire a shiny new demon; my Felguard.

Now for me this accomplishment has been something I have been working towards for awhile and finally doing it makes me go WOOT! Finally getting to level 50 has gotten me thinking as well. Thinking about the goals and milestones I set for myself along the road to 70, because in my mind just having a singular goal of 70 makes it seem like an overwhelming task. For me, at least with my Warlock I have had quite a few milestones/goals.

Level 10- getting my Voidwalker: Man that guy can take a beating.

Level 20- getting my Succubus: Whip… whip it good!

Level 30- getting my Felhunter: Ah my little anti-caster puppy thingy.

Level 40- getting my mount: So he’s on fire and I have to ride bareback?

Level 50- getting my Felguard: that’s a mighty big axe you have there fella.

Level 58- I will finally see what Outland looks like.

Level 70- At least for the purpose of leveling, and for now, the finish line.

So how to you break up the levels? What milestones/goals do you set for yourself along the way that makes you go WOOT?

Well I have not yet really taken my new Felguard out for a night on the town, so I think I am going to go slaughter a low level Night Elf village to celebrate my shiny new demon.