Blue Screens of Death

blue.jpgI keep getting a ton of those cursed IRQL_LESS_OR_EQUAL BSoDs recently on my new computer. I haven’t installed any new drivers, until this all started happening. It seems to be a Patch 2.3 thing. Even Flashing the BIOS didn’t do anything. I’ve got an nVidia 8600GT, ASUS motherboard with an nVidia NIC. So many variables involved.

I’ve messed with the tips about virtual memory, DEP, and physical memory dumps (I finally hard powered off after the counter hit 90). I found a thread at home about Blizzard addressing the issue with the lame tips above, but then I found this thread on the forums at school tonght:

How I did it for anyone that wants to know. I’m WinXP, go to start, Control Panel, Performance Maintenance (if you’re using category view) (System for Classic View) then Devise Manager, open up Display Adapters, click on your listed Nvidia card, and Rollback the Driver.

Have you had this problem? How did you fix it?

Patch 2.3 Opens New Doors for Level 70 Raiders and Non-Raiders.

Patch 2.3 Badge ChangesMost people know how badges work, and if you didn’t here’s a quick “readers digest” version on what they are and what they’re used for.

Ever since the release of the Burning Crusade, level 70s have been able to run heroic instances in Outlands (if of course they’re revered or higher with the instance’s faction.) In these heroic instances 5 level 70 players are given the opportunity to try their skills for upgraded armor and badges. Every boss in heroic instances drops only level 70 gear (the final boss dropping one epic item and a primal nether) and Badges of Justice, which are used to purchase epic items (and a primal nether for 10 badges) from an NPC in Shattrath’s Terrace of Light named G’eras.

Outlands gear at 70 is *nice*, but pretty much pales to the drops from Karazhan. Also, it’s not easy to get enough badges required to get all of the items you could use from G’eras when all you would get was 3 badges in all heroic instances except for heroic Mechanar (in which case you got 5).

Now though, Blizzard has made it easier to get that epic gear that G’eras has to offer by allowing badges to drop from all bosses in Karazhan and the newly opened Zul’Aman (some bosses drop more than one badge that can be picked up by every player in the raid). But wait! That’s not all! Blizzard also introduced new badge loot that rivals and at times beats out gear from Karazhan and Zul’Aman. Now that raiders can get badges from these two 10-mans it won’t be unheard of for each player to receive 20+ badges per week, without stepping a foot into a heroic instance at all. With this new way to receive loads of badges Blizzard decided to give the new gear a very high price tag compared to the previous epics. The cheapest items (which are Librams, Idols and Totems) are 20 badges and the gear gets more and more expensive capping out at 75 badges for the best items.

Although most raiders benefited from badge system thus far, Blizzard didn’t forget to help the non-raiders out as well. Remember those heroic instances? Well, with Patch 2.3’s release it became possible for players to run heroics with only an honored reputation for that particular faction. All in all it’s a win-win for raiders and non-raiders alike. I know for non-raiders the easiest way to get epics is battlegrounds (Season 1 arena gear can now be purchased with honor points!) and arena teams, but especially for players such as Moonkin druids (who aren’t usually considered for raids) this new badge system benefits them the most (a lot of the new leather gear for example is balance druid gear). Either way, if you raid or if you enjoy the freedom to actually go out weekend nights, Patch 2.3 has something for you.

Patch 2.3 Install Problems on Vista

Windows Vista is supposed to be a fair bit more secure than past versions of Windows. Whether it is or not I’ll leave up to people that know more about OS security than I do. However, a number of WoW players are having trouble getting patch 2.3 to install on Windows Vista. The problem? Security!

Vista helpHere’s the deal…The patch downloads correctly but when downloader completes and fires off the installer – the install fails. The problem – is one of permissions.

Most Vista installs are setup in such a way that the average user you are logged in as is not an administrator of the machine. If you’re not an administrator – you can’t install or patch software.

The solution is simple. Right click your World of Warcraft icon and select “Run as administrator”. This will start WoW running with administrator permissions instead of your local users permissions. The system will run through the patch process – but this time when the installer fires off, it’s running as an admin. The game should patch correctly and you’ll be pWning in no time!

It’s Patch Day – US Realms Offline

Patch Day!I woke up too late this morning (well, after my shower) to get in an nab some last minute bid auctions. I’m pretty pumped about the patch. This is the day we’ve been waiting for. I have my lowbie alts in Orgrimmar for a quick flight to Duskwallow Marsh and can’t wait for tonight’s class at university to end so I can get home and log in.

Growl will be bringing you more stuff shortly, so be sure to check in later, if you can make yourself stop trying to log in to your account.

2.3 – The Patch We’ve All Been Anticipating

Patch 2.3It’s coming tomorrow morning, and I personally can’t wait until 10pm to get to play. Right… gaming life sucks when you go straight from work to a 3 hour night class, but what am I going to do? Last week, I caught the Background Downloader grabbing the patch for me and I’ve since been mulling about what I’m most looking forward to.

Being an alt-aholic like Growl and Kinless, not to mention 60-less PhiLogical, I’m very much mainly interested in the improved leveling for sub-60s. Then there is the newly added guild bank, which has my mules and the guild banker happy about. Oh, and the nixing the gossip pane on the flight masters and bankers. Doh! What am I most looking forward to? I’ve got a brand new druid (level 5 after 1 hour) because I couldn’t resist the alt-itch again and a 44 paladin going for 60 by Christmas. Depending on how much the patch improves leveling, I may succumb to starting an all new frost mage again.

According to the PTR patch notes that Blizzard has up right now, there is a lot to look forward to. Oh yeah! I almost forgot the hunter dead zone is going away, too. Tuesday night is going to be a fun night! The list is seriously too long to put up here without looking like news regurgitating, so go check out the list and chime in on what you want most.