Worst. Priest. Ever.

You would think that by the time you get through 27 levels of playing a class, you would have some clue about being in a group of two. Yes, the number 2. Let me set the stage for you.

I was running through Duskwood with Protectr (Level 27 Protection Pally) to go turn in a quest in Darkshire, and passed the path to Stalvan, when I Blessed a priest. He gave me a Fort buff and asked in the /s channel if I was questing. I said I was about to kill Stalvan. With that, I sent the invite and he accepted.

We went to the area and I immediately noticed that he was running out of mana on level 30 ghoul. Not a good sign, but I trusted that he knew that Stalvan would be an endurance fight for 2 lvl 27s.

Never trust a priest who uses /s chat, I suppose. I don’t know, but that’s the only thing that I can say could be a tip-off about what followed.

Twenty seconds into the fight (just after I told him to start using his wand), we got an add, because he wouldn’t follow me as I dragged Stalvan back to the area where we already killed the wandering mobs. Noooo. He stood there and aggroed on in the field, so I had to go rescue him and hope he could heal me. No such luck, as he was already out of mana.

By the way, his response to my:

[Protectr]: Wand him.
[Idiot]: Wand?

No, I’m not kidding.

After we died, I told him once again to use his wand to do damage to conserve mana to heal me, unless he wanted to tank and me heal him. He said he didn’t want to do that because then he couldn’t do as much damage.


I fell short of yelling and calling him a stupid noob and ask him how old he was. I told him to just do it or we’d die again. We died again.

[Idiot]: What happnd that time? It wouldn’t let me cast any spells or heal you.

I logged off and went to watch TV.

DPS Holy Priest Build Is Amazing

I found an article that really has my interest because of my newfound obsession with talent builds. Talent builds used to bore the crap out of me when I was a warrior. I didn’t want to go Protection because I wasn’t interested in competing with our GM for main tank duty. His gear was better and I wasn’t going to catch up any time soon. If it had STR, STA, or AGI, I wanted the piece. If the talent point said “damage” or “crit,” I wanted to spend the point.

Now that I am a priest, it seems like there are a lot more options, and even one that I had never considered before reading this article on a DPS Holy build. WoW Insider has been rocking my world recently with new in-game concepts that I was unaware of, despite my constant surfing. Maybe I should play more and surf less, but I do have a job. 🙂

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