Level 12 Blood Elf Paladin Quest Walkthrough

Once again, I’m writing another walkthrough for a class guide for Blood Elves, due to a huge void in the community, leaving everyone to fend for themselves and piece together the process. Here goes:

Knight-Lord Bloodvalor in SilvermoonFirst thing of note is that the paladin questline does not begin at level 10, as it does for every other class. It’s a level 12 quest, and it begins with Knight-Lord Bloodvalor in the paladin training room in Silvermoon (89.4,35.5). He sends you to a little island NE of Suncrown Village, called the Isle of Tribulations on a quest called The First Trial. On the island is a small cave with just a few wandering Nebulus Guards. You are to kneel at the brazier, meditating.

Blood Knight Sangrias Stillblade on the Isle of TribulationsDon’t even bother meditating, because in runs Blood Knight Sangrias Stillblade to kill you and see if you are Blood Knight material. Of course I am, as I killed him in about 12 seconds. I returned to Knight-Lord Bloodvalor in SM for more questing fun.

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Level 10 Blood Elf Mage Questline Walkthrough

Once again, I was stuck having to research via available quests to find out how to get my level 10 class quest done as a Blood Elf. Here is my guide to help all of you noobs out. You should hit level 10 while still doing quests in Eversong Woods, so this is the trainer we will use.

The trainer for the questline is Instructor Antheol at Stillwhisper Pond. He’s the same NPC that gives you the quest to discipline the apprentices. It just so happened out that I was turning in that quest just after I had dinged 10, so I killed 2 birds with one stone.

  1. He sends you down into the pond to dive for a vial. Bring him the vial.
  2. He wants you to fill the vial at Elrendar Falls SE of Farstrider Retreat at 64,72.
  3. He wants you to kill Eversong Green Keepers, those ents south of Farstider Retreat until one of them drops a Living Branch.

Easy-peasy. I had to kill about 12 ents before one of them dropped, but that was the worst of it.

I got a nice staff out of it (no new skills) and moved on with my other quests.