Taming Ironback, the Rare Hinterland Turtle

It was a quiet evening in the lowland of The Hinterlands, killing turtles and making a path to get Lard’s lunch off the North coast. Paladr was enjoying the scenery and the challenge of wearing down multiple tank-like hard-shells when an unusual sight caught his eye underwater off the coast: a red nameplate hovering over a turtle.

Ironback, rare spawnSeeing that the UI indicated a level 51 gray elite named Ironback, I sat up a little bit when I saw SilverDragon pipe up that it had spotted Ironback. A quick hop on over to Petopia, and I learned that Ironback is a rare elite beast that just so happens to be tamable. I wanted him for myself, or Huntr, actually. As a level 62, it should be a pretty easy feat, but still a special pet due to the rareness. Some research reveals that the respawn time is between 12 and 24 hours. Time to go fetch Huntr, and quickly.

The Location

Spotted IronbackAs I mentioned, Ironback was swimming along the northern coast of The Hinterlands, just East of the waterfall from the highland. The approximate coordinates came out to be 83, 48.5, just to the west of where Paladr accidentally aggroed him and had to die to leave Ironback there. /silly pally. Let the screenshot and dot speak for itself. The map location will read The Overlook Cliffs.

The Tame

The steps are about as mundane as possible, with only two things to really be aware of:

  • opposing faction on PvP realm
  • Gammerita – a roaming aggressive turtle who will aggro you if she wanders while you are standing on the shore

Of course, the basic tactic is to drop a Freezing Trap to ice block Ironback while you tame him. So, place the trap on the shore and swim out and hit him with a Concussion Shot and spin 180-degrees and swim back to shore and just past the trap and immediately start spamming Tame Beast, which you conveniently have on a toolbar, right?

Moment of Taming If all goes as I have foreseen, your tame should end at the exact moment the ice block breaks. There is an awkward moment when it does, because you are not quite sure if OldIron is a friend or foe until you see him join you at your side. Feed him some fruit and he will begin to smile. Congratulations, you now have a pet with a great skin, cheap food, and more armor than he knows what to do with.

Taking OldIron fishing

Taming Olm the Wise: Successful

I was questing in Felwood tonight when I wrapped up the Grizzly quest and saw and owl that I almost attacked, just for the heck of it. I saw a named creature in my mini-map from my Track Beasts ability. I ran over and saw it was a huge white owl with a yellow combat status. It would have been my first owl kill in Felwood with Hunter. Then I saw purple text appear in my tooltip telling me that he was rare.

Olm the Wise is one of 4 owls/owl-types in the game that has this skin color, according to Petopia.com. I did have to set my rep status to be At War with Cenarian Circle to tame him, but that was no biggie. He went right into my ice block Freezing Trap and I tamed him with only about 10 seconds of getting hit. (location: 55.7, 21.5)

Here are my screenshots. Notice his new name. 42 points for the first person with the reference.

Oh, yeah. Ding 54. 5d 10h 26m /played time.

Taming step 1Taming step 2 Taming step 3Taming step 4