Blue Screens of Death

blue.jpgI keep getting a ton of those cursed IRQL_LESS_OR_EQUAL BSoDs recently on my new computer. I haven’t installed any new drivers, until this all started happening. It seems to be a Patch 2.3 thing. Even Flashing the BIOS didn’t do anything. I’ve got an nVidia 8600GT, ASUS motherboard with an nVidia NIC. So many variables involved.

I’ve messed with the tips about virtual memory, DEP, and physical memory dumps (I finally hard powered off after the counter hit 90). I found a thread at home about Blizzard addressing the issue with the lame tips above, but then I found this thread on the forums at school tonght:

How I did it for anyone that wants to know. I’m WinXP, go to start, Control Panel, Performance Maintenance (if you’re using category view) (System for Classic View) then Devise Manager, open up Display Adapters, click on your listed Nvidia card, and Rollback the Driver.

Have you had this problem? How did you fix it?