Adventures in Zangarmarsh as a Tankadin

Last night I recruited PhiLogical to help me blaze through some quests since I only had an hour to play. He’s got Phrixus up to level 67 now, and my being a 61 is still a bit low for Zangarmarsh, but that makes things fun.

So, after getting 30 Naga claws and turning it in, I got the quest to plant the seeds at the pump stations and the Elite quests to kill the mini-boss Naga. We rode along the South end of Umbrafen Lake and I ran through about 7 mobs and stopped right at the pump controls where there were another 7 or so Naga and slaves.

L2 run lolI start taking a beating and healing Phrixus’ minion, but it’s an all-out battle. The next thing I see in chat is, “run” and my heals to Phrixus came up “Out of Range.” That plea/command was followed by “L2run lol,” which is my normal joke to him for stopping to fight when we get dismounted by a daze. I keep healing myself and his minion next to me, and the mobs start dropping one by one.

Phrixus is still in bad shape and says, “u just aggroed like 10 mobs, i’m not that good yet,” to which I confidently (okay, arrogantly) quipped back, “i am.” That was at 11:01. At 11:04, he bowed to me in the midst of a hug pile of bodies and said, “ok, you kick butt / i was getting owned by them.”

Here is how to survive an all-out battle:

  • Devotion Aura for durability
  • Keep the caster back
  • Don’t aggro casters
  • Blessing of Sanctuary on tank(s)
  • Heal with Flash of Light
  • Use potions early for cooldown
  • DO NOT LOSE YOUR COOL! (it’s only a game, lol)

That is why I play a tankadin. Why do you play your class?

Ding 43! What to Kill? What to Kill?

Paladr’s quest log was full, and I have very little time nowadays (as evidenced by my last post date) to just play around, so it was time to get organized. I decided to attack the quest log systematically. One night, Phil and I were in the pirate cove in Tanaris to complete 4 quests. Another night, I was in Badlands killing everything 4-6 at a time or chain killing in a non-stop 2 on 1 effort until I dinged. Last night, it was the Elder Mistvale Gorillas in STV, including the waves of attacks to get Mokk’s brain. Solo. I’ve never seen that done, so I decided to see if it could be done. Oh, yeah, I also downed Shy-Rotam with Huntr along with the help of Lance’s Drowurden 70 warrior.

Since I’m still short on time, here is a snapshot of my playing. Feel free to ask questions. How ’bout that for efficiency? Don’t tell unless someone gives a darn.

Riding off into the sunset

6 on 1 Greater Rock Elementals

Boss Tho'grun and his posse

Andre Firebeard and Friends

Heart of Mokk